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How frequently should we make driving licence checks?

Checks should be undertaken for all new employees that will drive on company business and all drivers should have their driving entitlement checked at least annually thereafter. However, for some drivers it is prudent to increase the frequency of checks based on the number of penalty points present on their record, for example: quarterly for drivers with 9 or more points, and every 6 months for drivers with 6 to 8 points.

How long do penalty points remain on a driving licence?

The length of time penalty points remain on a driving licence depends on the offence committed. For the majority of motoring offences the points will remain for 4 years, however, for some drink driving and causing death by careless driving offences this is extended to 11 years. You can learn more about how long penalty points and endorsements remain on a driving licence by visiting this page in the motoring section of the Direct Gov website

We currently make checks by taking a copy of our employees licence for our records. Will making electronic licence checks provide any extra benefit?

Yes. In addition to identifying drivers using fake or duplicate licences electronic checks will also identity those drivers who have had their licence revoked. This scenario typically occurs when the driver does not submit their licence within the 28-day period to have penalty points added. While some drivers may intentionally choose not submit their licence there are others who will be unaware of the request due to not informing the DVLA of their latest address. Paper based checks will not identify these scenarios meaning the risk to your business is much higher.

Do we just need to check our professional drivers and those driving company vehicles?

Directors and business owners have an equal responsibility to drivers who use privately owned vehicles for business journeys as to those who use company owned or leased vehicles so all drivers need to be checked. It's estimated that around 200 road deaths and serious injuries each week involve someone at work. Making driving licence checks is the first step to ensuring your company drivers are safe while driving. The Think Road Safety campaign website provides lots of information and links to other resources on driver safety.

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