Risks Faced by Employers When Hiring a New Employee

The Costs of Hiring the Wrong Employee

Reducing Risk through Robust Employment Vetting

Employers can substantially reduce recruitment risk by performing additional background checks that supplement the traditional referencing process. Identity Checks, Employee Credit Checks, Criminal Record Checks and Qualification Checks deal in known facts and are obtained from pre-compiled data sources meaning that they can be completed quickly and most importantly prior to the new employee commencing employment. More data leads to better recruitment decisions and the following benefits:

Lower Employment Costs: improved employee quality & suitability results in lower labour turnover therefore saving money on recruiting, training and employing unsuitable staff.

Increased Productivity: employment screening can play a big part in ensuring that the correct candidate is selected, resulting in better job performance. Candidates attempting to secure roles beyond their competence are screened out.

Increased Brand Protection and Compliance: a structured employment screening programme enables employers to demonstrate to their customers, regulators / industry bodies and insurers that processes have been implemented to reduce the possibility of employee related threats such as fraud and theft.

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