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What information does the Employee Credit Check return?

The Employee Credit Check returns details of any court and insolvency data such as County Court Judgements, Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy Orders and their Scottish equivalents which are retained on an individual's credit report for a period of 6 years. The candidate's address history is also displayed using data from address links held on the credit bureau plus any entries on the edited Electoral Register. A credit score plus a graphic illustrating how your candidate compares to the UK population as whole is also included.

Will an Employee Credit Check affect my candidate's credit score?

No. Employee Credit Checks do not have any impact on the candidate's credit score or ability to gain credit. The search recorded on the candidate's credit report by the credit reference agency is a type only the individual can see and is not seen by any organisation or used in calculating credit scores.

My organisation does not operate in the financial services sector, are Employee Credit Checks relevant to us?

Employee fraud is not exclusive to financial services sector. Think about your organisations assets; your customer list, consumer personal details, intellectual property, stock and equipment. How would your business cope if any of these were compromised, stolen or sold to fraudsters or competitors? Including data from Employee Credit Checks in your risk assessment of each employee will lead to better recruitment decisions so the likelihood of such situations can be prevented or greatly reduced.

What if my candidate has court and insolvency data at an address they do not reveal?

Know Your Candidate automatically searches address links made by the credit reference agency for the candidate so if they do have court and insolvency data at an undisclosed address we will find it.

The Employee Credit Check uncovered that my candidate has a County Court Judgement, what should we do?

Talk to your candidate about the circumstances that led to the court judgement. For some individuals there will have been mitigating circumstances such as losing their job, serious illness or family problems and others may be able to demonstrate steps they have taken to avoid further judgements in the future. This additional information will enable you to accurately assess the risk posed by the candidate and whether they are suitable for the intended role.

If my candidate claims the information on the report is incorrect what should they do?

If your candidate claims that the information returned from the Credit Check is incorrect they can contact the Credit Reference Agencies directly to correct it:

Call Credit: Customer Care, Call Credit Check, PO Box 734, Leeds, LS1 9GX
Equifax: Equifax Ltd, CustomerService Centre, PO Box 10036, Leicester, LE3 4FS
Experian: Consumer Help Service, Experian Ltd, PO Box 8000, Nottingham, NG80 7WF

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