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Can Know Your Candidate really obtain references faster than we can ourselves?

Yes, on most occasions we will be the fastest option for obtaining a reference. There are 3 key reasons for this. Firstly, it's our core business so the majority of our working day is dedicated to referencing compared to just a fraction of a working day in a typical HR department. Secondly, we don't just automatically send our request to the referee specified by the candidate. We contact each organisation and verify the correct contact and method by which to submit the request and ask when we're likely to receive a response. These friendly initial phone calls build relationships and are a key factor in speeding the process up. Finally, we chase up promptly - when a referee gets the impression we will continue to call until we receive the reference this often elicits a fast response.

We prefer written references rather than verbal – is this possible with your service?

Yes, we always attempt to obtain written references for our customers and do so in about 95% of cases. We include scanned copies of any letters, faxes or email references we receive within the candidate report we return to you.

How many attempts do you make to obtain a reference?

We make five attempts to obtain references using the most suitable combination of phone calls, emails, faxes and letters as each scenario dictates. Evidence suggests that making any further attempts has a negligible effect on completion rates. Since we launched our employment reference check service in August 2011 we have obtained 94% of all references requested.

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