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What are the benefits of checking qualifications at source as opposed to making visual checks of qualifications certificates?

The key benefit of checking directly with University / Professional Body is certainty that your candidate actually holds the qualifications they claim. This is because the quality of fake degree certificates that can be easily obtained from Internet Diploma Mills are so good that even the education establishments themselves acknowledge they are difficult to spot. In addition, checks made directly with the education establishment will often confirm attendance dates and possibly marks for individual course modules further aiding CV verification.

Why should I use Know Your Candidate to check my candidate's qualifications?

Speed. Different establishments operate different processes meaning the details and documentation required to make the request differ as does the department that will handle the request. We have already established the correct procedure, documentation and contact point for all UK universities and many professional bodies meaning we can save you time and verify your candidate's qualifications much more quickly.

Should I check all my candidate's qualifications e.g. from GCSE's to degree level?

We suggest that our customers check their candidate's highest or most relevant qualification. This is for 2 key reasons, firstly, if a candidate needs to lie about a qualification this is the one they'll manipulate. Secondly, previous qualifications will have been verified to gain access to the subsequent qualification e.g. A Levels will be verified to gain a place on a degree course, so checking the highest / most relevant is the most efficient and cost-effective approach.

Surely manipulating a qualification isn't such a big deal if the candidate has the work experience they claim?

The key questions for employers here is if a candidate is prepared to lie about their qualifications before they start work what else are they going to lie about if they were to be employed and are they going to be a reliable employee for your firm?

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