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What data do I need to provide to make the Directorship Check?

We require the candidate's full name, date of birth and current address in order to make the check.

What information will I see in the Directorship Check report?

Our Directorship Check report will return the official company name and registration number of the company plus the date your candidate was appointed a director. For any previous directorships the resignation date will also be provided and where a company is dissolved we will provide the date of dissolution. Where a candidate appears on the Disqualified Directors register, disqualification dates, reason codes and descriptions will be returned for each disqualification order.

If my candidate has moved address since being appointed or resigning a directorship, will this affect the results?

No. The search is made using the candidate's name with the subsequent results being filtered on date of birth, so if your candidate has moved we will still be able to find any directorship data when they were resident at previous addresses.

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